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What are favorable and unfavorable carbohydrates?






Unfavorable carbohydrates are so labeled because of their glycemic index. If a food has a number high on the glycemic index, this means that it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream - the higher the number the more quickly it is absorbed. Your insulin levels will rise faster and you will get hungry sooner after a meal with high glycemic carbohydrates. You can still follow the Zone and use some unfavorable carbs, but the fewer you use, the more benefits you will likely see. It is usually recommended that no more than 25% of your carbohydrates at each meal should come from unfavorable sources. Some examples of the most unfavorable or high glycemic carbohydrates are highly refined food sources such as pasta, white breads, potatoes, and breakfast cereals. Some examples of the most favorable carbohydrate sources are fruits and vegetables.



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